Cocochoco keratin treatments

Cocochoco Brazilian keratin treatment is an innovative hair treatment process that doesn't contain any chemical, formaldehyde, sulphates and paraben. It regenerates and straightens hair thoroughly, while it doesn't change the hair structure. The result of keratin treatment is a healthy, straight, soft and shiny hair that lasts for four to six months. Brazilian keratin treatment is suitable for any hair type. Benefits of Cocochoco Brazilian keratin are: it corrects a dry and damaged hair, a hair get an extra shine, it unravels the hair, offer a thermal protection from the hairdryer and hair straightener, protects the hair color, prevents split ends, it's easier to brush and style the hair, it saves time while straightening the hair, straightens the hair without changing its structure, smooth hair.

A hair becomes stronger, the surface closes while in the same time it's UV protected, protected from wind, frost, sea and chlorinated water. Brazilian keratin is suitable for soft, damaged, curly, monotonous, heavy, naughty and rough hair. It's suitable for any hair type including chemically treated and colored hair.

We offer a three type of keratins: ORIGINAL, PURE and GOLD. Every single keratin is suitable for some hair type and effects may vary. You can find the comparison at the top of the main page in section How to choose keratin treatment.

Cocochoco keratin treatment is widspread all over the word for years, now it's becoming more and more popular in Europe.

Cocochoco recovers a damaged hair by replacing its natural keratin lost during the hair drying, chemical treatments, coloring, environmental conditions, aging, straightening. This innovative treatment produces a keratin's nanomolecules that are then transformed to micro granules that are being brushed into the hair. When treatment is applied, a hair is being straightened on 220°C, to close the hair cuticle and humidity inside, to make a smooth hair look.

After the treatment, a hair is shiny and straight, the result is visible immediately. Treatment can be applied on both natural and chemically treated hair and, for a longer lasting effect, Cocochoco after care products are only recommended to use (free sulphate shampoo, conditioner, mask, oil, serum).

Brazilian keratin treatment returns life to your hair, it's simly the fastest, technically the most advanced and effective hair recovery process in the world. This sophisitcated technology is very successful on all hair types and the best results are achieved on the extremely damaged hair.