Why Isn't My Cocochoco Treatment Working?

Oct 13, 2021

Vjekoslav Knežević

Why Isn't My Cocochoco Treatment Working?

Complaints about keratin treatment not working well or effects that do not last long very often come from stylists who make many mistakes during the application process. Anyone can follow the steps of application; however, it does not mean they are doing it well. There is a lot of technical information that you need to know to get the best possible result. These include information on what product to choose (depending on hair type and condition), what temperature to set on the hair iron, how many times to go over each section and even which hair iron to use, etc. It all depends on how well the keratin will melt into the hair shaft. It is very common for people to try to use products without proper training and subsequently claim that the product does not work very well. Also, aftercare products are very important.

95% of people who have been properly trained for Cocochoco treatments find that keratin brings very satisfactory smoothing and straightening effects. As a distributor, we work with thousands of hair salons that receive amazing feedback on keratin straightening. Even very curly hair can be straightened for several months.

Majority of queries we receive regarding short-term effects or less successful results of the treatment come from professionals that have not undergone official Cocochoco training. Our product requires a lot of technical knowledge to achieve successful results. There are a few common mistakes both stylists and clients make during and after the treatment.

Stylist mistakes include:

1. The hair was not correctly prepped for the keratin treatment application, which means Cocochoco Clarifying Shampoo was not properly used prior to the application.

2. The product was not properly blow-dried into the hair before the straightening process began.

3. Not applying proper amount of product to the hair.

4. The temperature set on the iron was too low or too high for the client’s hair type, meaning the product did not completely and properly melt into the client’s hair.

5. Hair iron was not passed over the hair a sufficient number of times.

6. The sections of the hair that were straightened were too thick or too thin, meaning the heat did not penetrate all the way in the hair.

7. Hair iron was passed over the hair too little or too many times.

8. The hair iron used was not appropriate for the treatment. We recommend using straighteners that have titanium plates, have fast heat recovery and their temperature can be manually set. After testing many different brands and straighteners, here at Cocochoco we have found Corioliss and Olymp to be the most effective brands of hair irons to use with our products. We use the Corioliss Wide Black Zebra and Olymp HairMaster Iron models which are available at our store.

Client mistakes include:

1. Allowing too much moisture into the hair during the first 72 hours after application. For example, if their hair got wet or was exposed to steam or excessive amount of sweat.

2. The client did not follow the instructions on how to handle the hair after it got wet or broken during the first 72 hours.

3. Client used the wrong after care products. This is one of the biggest mistakes clients make because they often don’t understand the importance of proper aftercare. Every aftercare product (shampoo, conditioner, mask, etc.) for keratin treatment must be sulphate-free, but it should also be designed as a support for the keratin treatment, which is why we recommend using exclusively Cocochoco aftercare products. Regular sulphate-free shampoos can remove the keratin treatment out of the hair very quickly because there may have other ingredients to replace the sulphates that have been removed to make it ‘sulphate free’.

4. Client did not wait full 72 hours after the treatment before washing the hair.

To sum up, if you are a stylist performing Cocochoco treatments, be sure to watch out for these common mistakes and make sure your client knows how to properly maintain the effects of the treatment.

If you are a client wondering why your keratin treatment did not last as long as it should, please be aware of the importance of using Cocochoco aftercare products.